About Us

Our Mission

The Marble Collection (TMC) cultivates creativity and excellence in the arts by engaging teen artists and writers in a publication process that affirms their voices and deepens their learning. 

Our Vision

TMC envisions a community that cultivates young artists and writers, in which we are the leading publisher and advocate of creative work by teens.

About Us

We believe that the literary and visual arts should be an integral part of every teen’s life. To fulfill our mission, we publish the Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts, a juried, professional-quality publication, and the only Massachusetts’ statewide print and online magazine of the arts featuring artwork, photography, poetry, and writing by students in grades 8 to 12. TMC’s commitment to published teens does not end when they are selected for publication. We offer one-to-one Student Mentoring Workshops, in which teens are paired with college student mentors, who help them refine their voices and revise their work for publication with constructive editorial feedback.

In our workshops, teens explore the creative process through self and peer reflection, and ultimately learn to describe their work and convey its meaning to audiences at our annual magazine release gala, Spring into Art.  Teens also have the opportunity to sell their artwork on our e-Gallery and to become part of a community of artists, writers and advocates through our online alumni networks. TMC’s alumni networks serve as a vehicle for creativity and a platform for teens to advocate for the arts in their own schools and towns and continue to share artistic, college and career opportunities.

Why We Do it

It has been demonstrated that art, in all its forms, contributes to social and academic development in youth. According to the nonprofit research and advocacy group, Americans for the Arts, a high level of involvement in the arts is linked to improved academic performance for students, lower school drop out rates, and greater college and career readiness. Yet budget cuts, and an emphasis on standardized testing, are eliminating creative classes in schools across Massachusetts. TMC helps to fill the gap left by a decline in school arts programming. We support teens in their creative endeavors and affirm their voices by giving them the experience of publication for real world audiences.  At a time of tightening education budgets, we offer our publishing and mentoring programs to teens free of charge.

Our teen artists and writers say it best. They tell us that taking part in TMC’s programs helps them discover their passions, build their confidence and life skills, and find inspiration to pursue their art beyond high school. In evaluations, 95% of teens rate the workshops as a highly positive experience that strengthened their confidence, social skills, and artistic and writing abilities.

Our Accomplishments

Each year, 100 students in grades 8 to 12 participate in our Student Mentoring Workshop and are published in the Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts. Their work is selected from the roughly 600 works submitted annually via our website. Our participating teens represent more than 200 public and private schools and community organizations across the state. In 2013, TMC was awarded the prestigious Arts|Learning “Distinguished Community Arts Collaborative - Multi-Disciplinary” Award for developing a model arts education collaborative between school and community cultural resources.

Since our founding in 2008, TMC has published 12 print and online editions of the Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts, distributed nearly 7,000 complimentary copies of the print edition to students, libraries, and community groups, showcased over 450 inspiring student works, and mentored 350 student writers and artists through the publication process.