Our Programs

The Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts

The Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts is a juried print and online publication that features artwork, photography, poetry, and creative writing by students in grades 8 to 12.  All work that appears in the magazine is juror-selected to ensure artistic excellence. Our editors and jurors are college student interns, who specialize in the literary and visual arts. The print edition of the magazine is distributed free to published teens and for an annual subscription fee of $27 to schools, libraries and members of the public.

Mentoring for Publication Workshops

Each year the Mentoring for Publication Workshop pairs approximately 125 Massachusetts teen artists and writers one-to-one with college student mentors to develop their 21st century skills through four steps: create, respond, connect, and present. In the 6-week workshop, teens reflect, edit and publish their work in the online and print editions of The Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts. The workshop is free and are offered either online or in person at our office at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Our college student mentors work around teens’ schedules and tailor the workshops to meet each artist or writer’s individual interests. The total time commitment is approximately 12 hours spread out over a six-week period, starting in March.

With the help of their mentor, teens explore the creative process and learn to articulate their artistic visions. Together, they explore intent, motivation, choice of medium, and the message the teen aims to convey to audiences. Through reflection and discussion, teens synthesize personal experiences with societal, cultural and historical context to deepen their understanding of their work and the world around them.

The workshop teaches skills in arts advocacy and entrepreneurism. Teens gain practical knowledge of publishing and presentation, including how to write a press release and an artist or writer's statement. Teens can sell high-quality prints of their work for a commission on TMC's e-Gallery. Through our arts advocacy campaign, Spark the Arts, teens receive the tools to advocate for the arts in their school and community.  To conclude the workshop, teens exhibit and perform their work at our Pop-Up Galleries as well as our annual magazine release gala, Spring into Art, at the Harbor Gallery at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.


All teen submissions are eligible for TMC's e-Gallery, an online marketplace, wherein teens sell prints of their work for a commission. Participation in TMC's e-Gallery does not guarantee your work will be published in the magazine. The e-Gallery is a great opportunity for teens to promote their work and bolster their college applications and portfolios.

Please note: 1) TMC is solely responsible for the setup and management of the e-Gallery; 2) your work must be deemed appropriate by TMC's Editors to be featured; and 3) TMC will reproduce a print of the teen's work, based on the file they submit, so teens do not need to send the physical piece to participate.

Spring Into Art: Magazine Release Gala

Each year, TMC hosts a magazine release gala, Spring into Art, to coincide with the release of its spring magazine. In 2017, the Spring into Art gala took place at the Harbor Gallery at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. More than 200 teens, educators, families, and supporters attended the gala, which featured a gallery exhibit and sale of teen artwork, and a program of readings of teen poetry and fiction, emceed by the dynamic educator, writer, and performer, Krysten Hill. In the future, TMC will continue to celebrate and honor published teen writers and artists at the gala, while also seeking to attract more potential high capacity donors and prominent members of the arts community. 

Spark the Arts

Spark the Arts is TMC’s teen-run arts advocacy campaign that provides participants with the tools to advocate for the arts in their schools and communities. Spark the Arts uses video, creativity and social action to advocate for high quality arts education and youth arts programs for every Massachusetts teen. Click here to learn more and join the campaign as a TMC Arts Advocate.

College Student Internship Program

TMC’s Internship Program is a unique and integral part of its programming. College student interns assess creative work for publication, mentor high school artists and writers, and provide assistance in marketing, community and media relations, grant writing, and development. They have the opportunity to transfer classroom knowledge into a real life setting and gain essential 21st century workforce skills in areas of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, civic responsibility and leadership. TMC hosts approximately 30 college student interns annually. Interns are unpaid and receive college credit for their 4-month tenure with TMC. Their contribution is key to the success of The Marble Collection and its programs. 

Are you a college student looking for a creative and flexible internship?

Gain leadership experience in your field of study, build your resume, and make a difference in your community by applying to TMC’s Internship Program. Click here to learn more about our internships.

Pop-Up Gallery 

In 2016 we debuted our Pop-Up Gallery program, instituting two temporary teen art exhibitions at the Massachusetts State House and the Landmark Center in Boston, reaching nearly 5,000 community members. Our Pop-Up Galleries are located in high-traffic urban locations, aimed to heighten visibility for TMC’s mission and encourage new teens to partake in our free programs. Our goal is strengthen our published teens’ confidence, artistic competence and portfolios for college and career, while reaching audiences that otherwise would not see their outstanding work. 

Teen Publication Workshop

TMC's Teen Publication Workshop is offered to Massachusetts schools, libraries and community organizations at absolutely no cost to encourage teens, educators and community leaders to participate with our free publishing and mentoring programs. A 45-minute exclusive with TMC team, the workshop demystifies the publication process, from submission, to juror-selection, to our Mentoring for Publication Workshops, e-Gallery and magazine release gala. Through the workshop, teens will learn the art of publishing and the business of being published in TMC’s award-winning publication, giving them the tools and inspiration to share their voice. For teens interested in the visual and literary arts, the workshop is a great opportunity to bolster college applications and portfolios.

Are you an educator or communiy leader interested in hosting a Teen Publication Workshop? Email info@themarblecollection.org to learn more.