Life of Scrabble

By Demitrios Damaskos
Westwood High School. Class of 2017.

From the very start, the cold air hits you in the face with a beaming light above.
Smiling faces filled the room and everything all moved so fast.
Immediately, I take my first breathe and my life begins. My eyes are wide and I have my
whole life to make something special of myself.
I cry, not because I am sad, but because I am seemingly alone in a world that has yet to
be figured out.
As life goes on, I begin to notice how I do not have much, I notice how everyone else
has more than me. My dad works many hours and is clearly tired, but always keeps a
smile. All of the other kids have cool stuff, and I’m left with little to play with. When I
grow up, I do not want my kids to ever experience what I am going through.
The only way to help my mom and dad out is to get into a good school and the money
will follow. I just want them to never have to worry about money.
I will never lose sight of my goal to be successful; there is nothing, there never will be
anything, more important to me than getting to my goal.
Grow Up
I just want to hurry up and grow already. All of the kids in my class aren’t nearly as
smart as I am. How can I be poorer, but smarter?


There was one girl, Stacy. I liked Stacy and she liked me. We used to talk about what
we aspired to be. She wanted to be a movie star and I wanted to buy my parents a new
house. I really liked sharing dreams with her. Our bond continued into college. We both
attended UCLA, where we found ourselves spending more time together.
Now that college is over, I have my chance at the real world. My first job interview is at a
financially promising corporate law office in New York, and there is nothing that will get
between me and my potential earnings.
I got the job, I know I’ve made it.
My mom fell ill and wanted her kids by her side...
I had a huge case that would skyrocket my career. I’m sure she would be proud of me if
she were here today.
I found some down time and made rekindled with my longtime friend Stacy. So far,
things have been moving like never before.
I am marrying Stacy, there is no turning back. My life is perfect, it cannot get better.
Never Again
Stacy became a bit much; she got in the way of work, all I am trying to do is put us in
the best financial position possible.
What the hell was her problem?

Over It
Well, life goes on. Doesn’t it?

I still wonder what kind of father I would have been. I know Stacy wouldn’t have been a
very good mother.
I sat in my office with my hot coffee, took a sip, leaned back and shut my eyes. The
minute my eyes shut, they flung open and all I could think was, “what the hell have I
I walked into my boss’s office, thanked him for the opportunity and packed up my desk.
Someone New
It is not too late. Someone new will come along and we can settle down and have kids;
it’ll be totally fine.
From day one, I found that time has been working against me. I need Stacy back in my

“Do you understand? You’re dead to me!”
“I swear I’m different now. Please, open the door”
Winners and Losers
Growing up, I thought the world was full of winners and losers. I did everything in my
power to be a winner, and I thought I was; then it made me lose everything.
What was it? What made me this way? Genetics? Or another “g” word?

Young Again
If I could just do it all over again believe me I would. I wish I could be young again.
Zero Day
Today, I turn over a new leaf. Zero days since being my old self. I open the door and
face a new life.
From the very moment I opened the door, the cold air hits me in the face with a
beaming light above. My smiling face filled the air and everything moved so slowly.
Immediately, I take my first breath and my new life begins. My eyes are wide, I have the
rest of my life to make something special of myself.
All of the things I cared about are gone because of what I saw in money. I care now
about what is really important.
Deep Apology
I brought anything to impress, but mostly my most sincere emotions are used to get
Stacy to come back. It was clear that I was empty and I am not the person she divorced,
rather the person she used to dream with.
The days seem brighter and go by slower. I wish my parents could see me now. I know
that the person I have become would make them prouder of me than my bank account
ever could. My love for them is everlasting, and I want to apologize for everything I have
Before I can treat my kids the way I dreamed of, I realize that I never understood what
life is really about; my sight of importance became distorted. As I grow old, I sit with
Stacy on the couch and watch my grandkids playing on the floor. That is when I knew

that those toys they play with and crave only last for years at a time; but the message I
am leaving behind to them will last forever.