Submission Guidelines


TMC publishes artwork, photography, poetry, and creative writing by Massachusetts’ students in grades 8 to 12. Published works are selected from roughly 600 works submitted annually via our website. Our participating teens represent more than 200 public and private schools and youth-serving organizations across the state. Teens must submit on their own behalf.

e-Gallery Contract

All submissions are eligible for TMC's e-Gallery, an online marketplace, wherein teens sell prints of their work for a commission. Participation in TMC's e-Gallery does not guarantee teen work will be published in the magazine.

Please note: 1) TMC is solely responsible for the setup and management of the e-Gallery; 2) teen work must be deemed appropriate by TMC's Editors to be featured; and 3) TMC will reproduce a print of the teen's work, based on the file they submit, so teens do not need to send the physical piece to participate.

Publication Contract

If selected for publication, teens agree to:

1) Engage in free online or in-person Mentoring for Publication with a college-level mentor;

2) Enter into a lottery to exhibit and sell prints of their work at TMC's annual magazine release gala, Spring into Art (Please note: only 50 published works will be annually chosen for exhibition from the lottery; 100% of gala art sale proceeds go to support TMC's programs; and TMC will reproduce a print of the teen's work, based on the file they submit, so teens do not need to send the physical piece to participate.);

3) Make their best effort to attend TMC's annual magazine release gala, Spring into Art, at UMass Boston in May. 

Publication Schedule

Submissions received between August 1st and December 31st will be considered for publication in our annual magazine, which is released each spring in mid-May. Teens will receive an email notification from regarding the status of their submission(s) in early March. 

Publication Selection Process

All published works are juror-selected to ensure artistic excellence. Our editors and jurors are college student interns, who specialize in the literary and visual arts. Jurors select work for publication on the basis of a rubric and also seek to ensure that teens from different grade levels and from public and private schools are represented. We strive to publish work that demonstrates artistic ability and originality through a creative voice or vision. 

Copyright & Plagiarism 

Please submit original work only; work that is submitted to TMC must not be plagiarized or violate copyright laws (i.e., all visual references must be altered beyond recognition). Work submitted to TMC must not contain someone else’s words, images, or materials , and must not infringe on someone else’s ideas or work, unless you have obtained permission and cite the source with your submission. If a submitted work is plagiarized and/or violates copyright law, the work will be disqualified from TMC.

Note that the following are NOT eligible for submission to TMC:

  • Work that includes someone else’s work or ideas that have been posted or shared online or via social media;
  • Artwork that is created in a paint bar or other group art space;
  • Writing that has been created collaboratively with others in a class or workshop that shares group authorship, unless all parties are teens who consent to submit. 

If you have any questions about whether a work is original, or would like to more about copyright law and plagiarism, please visit the following;

File/Format Guidelines


TMC accepts literary works in fiction, non-fiction (creative, memoir, reflective, or essay) and poetry. Material length, style, and subject matter are entirely up to the writer. We do not impose word limits; however, the quality of the piece must justify the space it takes up in the magazine.

The only formats we accept are DOCX, DOC, DOTX, DOT, RTF, and TXT.


TMC accepts various forms of visual artwork, including paintings, drawings, photography, printmaking, collage, mixed media, and digital. To upload artwork or photographs, scan items as a grayscale, line art, or color file of at least 300 DPI/PPI and smaller than 10mb when saved. Save all items as a PICT, JPEG, or PNG. Do not scan as a halftone.

Submit Online

Please SUBMIT ONLINE via our submission form only; do not send submissions via email. Please take care that the work you submit is the final draft; do not submit duplicate submissions. Teens must submit on their own behalf.

Email questions regarding submission guidelines to