Spark the Arts


Spark the Arts advocates for high quality arts education and youth arts programs for every Massachusetts teen.

Spark the Arts should inspire, fire-up, and ignite people to action.

But most of all, it should give supporters a way to show their dedication to creativity.


All Massachusetts teens deserve the opportunity to discover and showcase their creative talents. It has been demonstrated that art, in all its forms, contributes to youth development.

Yet curriculum focus on standardized testing and budget cuts are eliminating creative classes in schools across the state—negatively impacting students’ academic achievement as well as their career and college preparedness.


Involvement in the arts is linked to higher academic performance, increased standardized test scores, more community service and lower drop out rates.


Business and school leaders are virtually unanimous in rating creativity as increasingly important in U.S. workplaces.
(97 and 99 percent respectively)


The arts are fundamental to our humanity. They inspire us, foster creativity, help us express our values, build bridges between cultures and bring us together regardless of ethnicity, religion or age.


TMC is a nonprofit organization that offers free publishing and mentoring programs to teens at Massachusetts schools, community groups, & libraries across the state, publishing the ONLY statewide magazine of the arts featuring jury-selected artwork and writing by teens in grades 8 to 12.


TMC envisions a community that cultivates and celebrates the literary and creative arts, in which we are the leading publisher and educator for developing teen media…


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Calling all teen artists, photographers, poets, and writers! We are enlisting ALL Massachusetts teens, grades 8 through 12, to join the Spark the Arts Campaign. Bear the torch of creativity. Sign the Arts Advocate pledge below.

Thank you for your support!
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Sign the Arts Advocate pledge to help TMC bring the arts back into the lives of each and every Massachusetts teen.

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