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Teen Submission Form

The below form and Submission Guidelines have changed. Teens must submit on their own behalf.

  • By submitting this form, you are agreeing to showcase and sell prints of your work for a commission on TMC’s e-Gallery.
  • If your work is selected for publication, you are agreeing to 1) engage in free online or in-person Mentoring for Publication with a college-level mentor; and 2) enter into a lottery to exhibit and sell prints of your published work at TMC’s annual magazine release gala, Spring into Art.

Please review our NEW guidelines in full before submitting your work. Email any questions to

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e-Gallery Contract

All submissions are eligible for TMC's e-Gallery, an online marketplace, wherein teens sell prints of their work for a commission. Participation in TMC's e-Gallery does not guarantee your work will be published in the magazine.

Please note: 1) TMC is solely responsible for the setup and management of the e-Gallery; 2) your work must be deemed appropriate by TMC's Editors to be featured; and 3) TMC will reproduce a print of your work, based on the file you submit, so you do not need to send us your physical piece to participate.

* TMC agrees to accept digital copies of artwork or writing excerpt on consignment from TEEN for sale during the CONTRACT TERM beginning the day this contract is signed and submitted and ending in .

The following commission/payment terms will apply to each consigned work sold by TMC:

* Commission to TMC (%):
Payment to TEEN (%):

By signing this document, both parties agree to each stipulation listed in this Agreement:

  1. 1. TEEN retains ownership of all digital copies consigned to or represented by TMC. TEEN retains originals and copyrights to all consigned work in perpetuity, as governed by law.
  2. 2. Retail sales price for each consigned artwork will be established by TMC. Factors influencing retail sales price include any and all costs incurred during the sale, market demand, and TMC’s knowledge of inventory, buyers and price-points. TEEN agrees to abide by TMC’s decision regarding price-setting and understands that TMC incurs all costs of each sale.
  3. 3. TMC will exert all reasonable efforts to close sales of consigned or represented work. TEEN agrees to provide TMC, in a timely fashion and upon request, with any necessary documents or information in support of sales.
  4. 4. Payment to TEEN will be provided within 60 days after receipt of payment from Buyer to TMC. If TMC accepts installment payment sales, TEEN agrees to accept payment after the purchase has been paid in full to TMC. Work will not be released by TMC to Buyer until full payment is received. Upon TEEN request, TMC will provide TEEN with account statements of sales activity for all inventoried work, at reasonably frequent intervals of approximately once each quarter.
  5. 5. TMC will make reasonable efforts to protect consigned work from data hacking or any privacy concerns during the duration of the CONTRACT. TEEN understands that stolen work online is a potential concern that cannot be 100% protected from.
  6. 6. Following standard online-gallery procedure, TEEN agrees that all work accepted into the online gallery will remain for entire duration of CONTRACT TERM . Exceptions to this stipulation may be negotiated between TEEN and TMC on a case-by-case basis.
  7. 7. TMC agrees to hold in the online database and display/sell any or all of the work provided by TEEN. Term of this CONTRACT begins the day this CONTRACT is signed and submitted and ends after the CONTRACT TERM that TEEN has specified. Term may be renewable upon agreement by both parties. This CONTRACT may be voided upon thirty (30) day’s notice by either party.
  8. 8. It is understood by both parties that the consigned work will be digitally downloaded onto TMC’s website while the TEEN holds ownership of the original work. The TEEN will never be asked to give up ownership of original work by TMC or TMC affiliates without a proper contractual offer.
  9. 9. Should the consigned work remain unsold at the end of CONTRACT term, and if CONTRACT term has not renewed, TMC will remove TEEN’s property from the TMC’s e-Gallery.
* Excerpt:

Please choose an excerpt, up to 55 words, from your writing submission to be printed on your e-Gallery canvas.
(For teen writers only; teen artists, please enter N/A)

Words remaining: 55

Publication Contract
* If selected for publication, I agree to engage in free online or in-person Mentoring for Publication with a college-level mentor.
* If selected for publication, I agree to enter into a lottery to exhibit and sell prints of my artwork or an excerpt from my writing at TMC's annual magazine release gala, Spring into Art. Please note that 1) only 50 published works will be chosen for exhibition from the lottery; 2) 100% of gala art sale proceeds go to support TMC's programs; and 3) original artwork is not required.
* If selected for publication, I agree to make my best effort to attend TMC's annual magazine release gala, Spring into Art, at UMass Boston this May.
If selected for publication, I agree to enter into a lottery to read a 2 to 3-minute excerpt of my published writing at TMC's annual magazine release gala, Spring into Art, this May.
For teen writers only
Submission Information
* Title:
* Genre:

Materials used to create art; for teen artists only.

* File:

The only text formats we accept are DOCX, DOC, DOTX, DOT, RTF, and TXT.
To upload artwork or photographs, scan items as a grayscale, line art, or color file of at least 300 DPI/PPI and smaller than 10.00 MB when saved. Save all items as a PICT, JPEG, or PNG.

* I represent and warrant that the submittted work is original and does not contain copyright materials in part or in full, and that my work does not infringe on someone else's work or ideas, unless I have obtained permission and have cited the source with my submission.
If my work contains, incorporates, or is derived from another piece of copyrighted art or writing, I have received permission to use the work and have cited this with my submission.