At a time when budget cuts mean that fewer teens have access to the arts, TMC offers its innovative arts mentoring and publishing programs at no cost to teens in the underserved communities of Greater Boston and beyond. We affirm teens’ voices and celebrate their diversity by giving them the experience of publication for real world audiences—strengthening their portfolios and resumes for college and career. 

As an individual donor or corporate sponsor, you can support The Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts; our publishing and mentoring workshops; Spring into Art, our annual magazine release gala; or other TMC initiatives.

Your charitable gift helps TMC reach more teens at underserved schools and ensures that we can continue to offer our programs at absolutely no cost to teens. All charitable gifts are 100% tax-deductible and include a complimentary magazine subscription. With a gift of $275 or more, we’ll list your name on the Patrons page of the magazine.